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How to Build a Crossbow

The crossbow is an intriguing ancient weapon that hasn’t gone out of style. But it is just as interesting that a working homemade crossbow can be built out of a bunch of sticks.

How to Build Lego Stuff

The once classic form of toys, known as the Lego collection, is enticing many people of all ages to learn how to build Lego stuff. The way to do it may differ depending on the project you would like to create. But learning the basics that are important for all creations may make it a lot simpler.

How to Fix 2 Red Lights on Xbox 360

Many Xbox consoles suffer from the 3 red light error, but in some cases only 2 red lights will manifest. To fix the 2 red lights on Xbox 360, open the console and tighten the X clamps on the motherboard.

How to Repair PST Files

Corrupted or damaged PST files will make Outlook difficult if not impossible to operate. Be informed on the ways of repairing PST files and regain access to Outlook. Understand the ins and outs of PST files and how to mend them.

How to Build a Raft

There are many swim rafts being sold nowadays, but many of them cost a lot of money. Fortunately, you can build a raft with ease using wood boards of different sizes. Use the right methods to build a raft and make one like skilled builder.

How to Fix a Cuckoo Clock

You have nothing to lose by trying to repair a cuckoo clock yourself. To avoid mistakes though, you must …

How to Build a Dog Kennel

Making a dog kennel involves more than just putting the fence around a large area for your dog. To make a proper dog kennel, the material used has to be accounted for. Before you build a dog kennel, ensure that the area you pick is suitable for the animal.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Dressing up your home for Christmas does not always have to be expensive or extravagant. There are cheap and easy Christmas decorating ideas that you can use as inspiration to keep the holiday cheer alive.

How to Build a Laser

Once upon a time, the laser was merely a figment of science fiction. Today, however, they are an important …

How to Build Concrete Countertops

To build a concrete countertop, concrete mixing tools and other equipment will be needed. When building a concrete countertop, proper placement of control joints is essential. Another factor to consider is the weight of the whole structure.

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