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How to Build a Submarine

Submarines or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are capable of traversing the deepest parts of the ocean, and are used by scientists and the military for different purposes. Get insights on how to build a submarine and explore the ocean depths.

Tiling a Floor

Tiling floors is easy but proper preparation is a necessity. Before tiling a floor, cleaning and preparing the concrete floor will be essential. Discover how to tile floor correctly and understand what mistakes have to be avoided.

How to Install Cabinet Door Pulls

With the aid of pulls and knobs, opening cabinet doors is easier. However, they are quite difficult to install without the right information and the proper materials to get the job done. Be able to equip your cabinets with these important devices by learning how to install cabinet door pulls.

How to Repair a Broken Music Box

A music box is a beautiful piece of gift that can last for generations when cared for properly. However, there are instances that it will also get broken. Learn the techniques in repairing a broken music box to treasure the memory of the person who gives it to you.

How to Build an Outhouse Shed

Before the toilet became widely used, the outhouse was employed widely. In order to build an outhouse shed, make the walls and bench using wood. If you are going to build an outhouse shed, there are several facts you need to take into account.

How to Make Bottle Cap Jewelry

Even recycling can use a touch of creativity. If there’s gold in garbage, then Bottle Cap Jewelry are diamonds in the rough.

How to Build an Electric Car

In this environmentally-conscious age, electric-powered vehicles are the ideal alternative to the gas-powered engine. To adapt to the times, the body of an ordinary gas-guzzling automobile can easily be converted into a clean-and-green electric car.

How to Build a Mini Bike

The process in understanding how to build a mini bike can be quite a handful. But if you have the complete parts, and you learn the important steps, you’ll sure get by and see the benefits of making this on your own.

Faucet Repair

A leaking faucet is not just annoying, but will also increase your bills. If you want to repair faucets that leak, the faucet must be properly dissembled first. Apply the right methods for repairing faucets and get rid of those pesky leaks.

How to Repair a Scratched Disc

CDs and DVDs are durable, but under certain situations they will skip and develop scratches. However, there are certain ways to repair a scratched disc. Some of the methods you can use include applying toothpaste or wax.

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