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How to Build a BMX

There is a sense of personal accomplishment in learning to build a bike on one’s own. And assembling a BMX from scratch can be, to coin a phrase, as easy as riding a bicycle.

How to Fix Run-On Sentences

Fixing a run-on sentence will require you to correctly identify such a sentence. This will include identifying the various clauses that can well be sentences if the correct punctuations are used. Fixing such sentences will depend on what tone and sentence structure the author wants to use.

How to Put Up a Floating Shelf

Floating wall shelves are styling and are becoming quite popular. These kinds of shelves do not have visible brackets that hold them up to the wall. They are quite easy to mount on your wall but will require just a little effort to set up.

How to Build a Computer

There are several reasons why one would want to know how to build a computer. You definitely will save some money, make upgrades easier, and create a computer system suited to your needs. You need to select a motherboard, motherboard dependent parts, and non-motherboard dependent components in order to build your very own PC.

How to Build a Car

Sprint cars are often used by racing enthusiasts to hone their racing driving skills and improved their performance. To make a sprint car, specific materials are required. Get insights on how to build a car for sprint racing and what precautions to take.

How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is one of the most important additions you can add in your house. Build a wheelchair ramp and help the handicapped move around easily. Account for all the pertinent factors involved in making wheelchair ramps and build one that is fully functional.

How to Put Up Wallpaper

Changing the look and feel of a particular place in the house is easy with the use of wallpapers. This is an amazing home improvement option that requires less money and less effort. You only need to learn how to put up wallpaper the right way to accomplish this simple DIY project.

How to Build a Yurt

The yurt is a traditional dwelling place of the Mongolian nomads, designed to protect them from weather extremes. To build a yurt properly, you will need to procure the wood pieces and poles. Discover how to build a yurt and what it is like to live like a Mongolian nomad.

How to Fix Scratched Games

Game discs are just like CDs in that they can be susceptible to scratching. Even if the game disc is scratched, there are ways to fix it and make the disc playable. Some of the ways to fix scratched game discs include application of liquid car wax and lamp exposure.

Bat Houses How to Build

Having your own bat house in the backyard will encourage the bats to come, driving away mosquitoes in the process. To have an effective bat house, use netting and wood. Discover how to build a bat house and watch those bats come in droves.

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