How to Build a Storage Shed

How to Build a Storage Shed

A storage shed can be used to store equipment, tools and other items. You can build a storage shed in various ways, but the method outlined below is one of the simplest.

Required Tools and Materials

Circular saw
Roofing material
Nuts and bolts
OSB (orientated strand board) sheathing

Step 1

Decide where the storage shed will be located. The ground should be level and easily accessible. If there is a spot you like but the ground is rough, level it first. Remove the debris and dig a hole. Make sure the bottom is even. Pour cement in the hole. Let it harden before proceeding.

Step 2

Draw a sketch plant of the shed. Decide how big it is going to be. This will be determined by the materials you plan to put there. Go to the lumberyard with your sketch plans. They will be able to tell you how many pieces of lumber are needed as well as the cost.

Step 3

Begin to build a storage shed by cutting the 2 x 4s, 16 inches on center. For the top plate, use a couple of 2 x 4s. For the bottom plate you will need one pressure treated lumber. Use the plates to secure the shed walls.

Step 4

Sheath the exterior. The exterior siding is up to you.

Step 5

Make openings in the walls for the windows and door. Make sure the measurements are correct.

Step 6

Put the walls up. Apply some fasteners to secure them. The number of fasteners to add will depend on the foundation that you set up. Put the windows and door in place. Put some 1 x 4s on for the trim.

Step 7

Use the lumber to frame the roof. Saw the OSB to the appropriate size. Nail this on the framing. Put some shingles and felt paper on. If needed, trim the fascia and exterior corners.

Step 8

The last step is to paint the shed. Apply as many coatings as needed. Make sure the coating is even. When it is dry, the shed will be ready to use.

Tips and Warnings

Aside from the traditional tools, you can also use the air nailer and air compressor. Wear a face mask when you paint the shed. Take care when you cut the wood. Always measure the wood carefully so you don’t make mistakes.

After you build a storage shed, you can add some shelves and organizers. This will allow you to organize the contents of the structure more easily.