How to Fix a Kitchen Maid Cabinet

How to Fix a Kitchen Maid Cabinet

Cabinets play a very important role inside kitchens. They basically serve as perfect storage for different kinds of things including canned goods, utensils as well different kinds of cooking equipment. Kitchen maid cabinets are made from highly durable materials. However, it is very much possible for wear and tear as well as accidental damages due to wrong use to happen, especially after years of continuous use. In case these things happen, it is good to know how to fix a kitchen maid cabinet.

Materials Needed

For this specific task, you only need a number of materials before you can start. These include a wood polish, soap and pail. It is also good to have warm water available in order to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Bring in some nice clean rags, which are to be used for wiping off dirt from the cabinet.


One of the most important parts of a kitchen maid cabinet is the surface. Because it is constantly exposed to a variety of destructive factors such as moisture and food residues, damage is very likely to happen to this specific part of the cabinet. This kind of thing is more likely to happen when the cabinet is made from wood. Once you see signs of moisture, it is best to wipe them off right away. Never allow moisture to stay on top of it for a very long time.

In case there are scratches, get a regular wood polish and then apply an ample amount of it using a nice clean cloth. Furthermore, this step can help prevent dust and dirt from sticking right onto the wood. Before applying the wood polish, do not forget to clean the surface first in order to achieve positive results.

A wooden kitchen maid cabinet can also suffer from water marks, which are actually caused by spills. In some cases, these marks may even develop into stubborn stains, especially when mixed with dust, dirt and food residues. Get a pail of warm water and then put some soap. Mix well. Soak a clean rag in the mixture and then wipe the stubborn dirt off the wood.

In order to maintain the proper functioning of the cabinet’s hinges, the use of lubricating oil is necessary. At least once a month, loosen up those hinges by applying small amounts of lubricant. By doing this, the doors can function better. Furthermore, the noise that hinges create can be minimized as well.