How to Maintain A Bonsai Tree

How to Maintain A Bonsai Tree

Known as the art of growing plants as well as trees that are kept small, bonsai can be done by cultivating a plant in small tray or pot. To maintain the shape and size of a tree, the roots and the branches should be pruned. Bonsai trees should be maintained properly because if these are not attended well, then the plants can die or not be healthy. To learn how to maintain a bonsai tree, you can follow the simple steps discussed below.

Materials Needed

To keep a bonsai tree healthy, there are some materials that you will find very useful. These include bonsai soil, bonsai shears and fertilizer. In addition, the tree will not survive if you do not water the plant regularly.


One of the most essential tasks that can help maintain a healthy bonsai tree is watering. It is important to avoid the tree from being dried out. It is time to water the plant if the soil on the plant’s surface is dry. Water the tree whenever the plant needs to be watered.

Aside from watering, pruning is also important to maintain a bonsai tree. This is also significant to keep the shape of the plant. In addition to retaining the shape, pruning is essential to balance the plant’s root system.

To keep the plant healthy, make sure that you place the tree in a place with direct sunlight, except after repotting and pruning. Ensure that you use bonsai soil because regular soil is heavy and it can affect the growth of the tree. Moreover, do not forget to fertilize the plant. When choosing a fertilizer, the fertilizer to be used should contain phosphorus, potash and nitrogen.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

To prevent the soil from drying out, you can use a moisture meter. This works well for bonsai trees because it tells whether the tree needs to be watered. If you do not have a moisture meter, you can pick up the tree. Dried bonsai tree weigh less than the usual weight of the plant. It is also essential to mist the tree regularly. You can use a spray bottle when doing this. It can help create a humid environment, which is important to the growth of the plant. Avoid overwatering the plant. Overwatering bonsai trees is harmful and it can affect the growth of the plants. Finally, during frost, put the trees inside the house but you need to put it in a place with fluorescent light. The plants should be lighted at least eight hours a day.