How to Fix an Xbox 360

How to Fix an Xbox 360

Before you can fix an Xbox 360 with the RROD error, the console must be disassembled first. You will need the following tools.

Required Tools and Materials

Screwdrivers (a set is recommended)

Credit card or phone card
Q tips
Transparent tape
Rubbing alcohol

Step 1

Turn the Xbox off and unplug it. Lift the X clamps. Using your wrench, take off the bolts fastened on the heat sinks.

Step 2

Use the credit card or phone card to scrape the thermal compound. If some dirt remains, clean it with the Q tips and the rubbing alcohol. Use another credit card to clean it if necessary.

Step 3

A bit of thermal compound should be set on the die. Cut a piece of card (about 15 1.5 x1.5 mm). Tape this on the die. Make sure the thermal compound is applied uniformly at the die. This is going to
help keep the heat level down.

Step 4

Place the heat sink back in its original position. Screw it in. When trying to fix an Xbox 360, you can use washers. Ensure the screws
are tight.

The gap between the heat sink and the main board should be two mm. You should also use washers that are a millimeter high. This is important; not setting the dimensions right will lead to console overheating.

Step 5

Install the motherboard in its location. Sometimes your repair may make it difficult to put the motherboard back in. if that is the case, drill some holes into the Xbox casing. Be certain the drill bit size is similar to the screw heads.

Step 6

Once the Xbox has been reassembled, plug the unit unto an outlet. Turn the console on. The RROD errors should disappear.

Tips and Warnings

Opening the case will void the Xbox warranty, so try this repair only if the warranty is no longer applicable. If the warranty is in effect, you may be able to get a replacement from Microsoft.

Do not remove the thermal compound. This will cause more problems. Some users do not like to use electrical tape, but others do. To be safe, use thin transparent tape. Do not lose the screws when disassembling the Xbox. Finding replacement screws is very difficult.

After you fix an Xbox 360, place the console in a clean environment. Dust and dirt can have adverse effects on the software. If dust settles on the console, this could clog up the machine and lead to overheating.