How to Build a Computer Desk

How to Build a Computer Desk

A desk is necessary when using a desktop computer, printer and other peripherals. If the furniture sold at stores is too expensive, you can build a computer desk instead.

Required Tools and Materials

Scrap wood to brace the legs
Keyboard runners
Carriage bolts
Locking nuts
L brackets
Brushes for varnish
Wood varnish
Wood stain
Electric saw
Power drill with screwdriver bits
Sand paper
Wood glue
1 ½ inch thick wood plank
Plank for keyboard tray
1 ½ inch thick wood plank
Wood scrap pieces

Step 1

Draw a sketch of the desk. It should have legs, an area for the keyboard and the top. Decide how big the desk is going to be. If you will only be using the computer, you can make do with a small desk. You’ll need a bigger desk if you will put a printer, scanner and other stuff there.

Step 2

Cut the wood pieces to size so you can build a computer desk. Cut the legs based on the figures in your sketch. Make sure they are of equal length.

Step 3

Saw the piece that will be used for the keyboard. Have the keyboard by your side so you know how big the board has to be. Ensure the keyboard desk is big enough to reach the desk ends. This way the runners will fit.

Step 4

Smooth all the wood pieces with the sand paper. You can use a power sander too.

Step 5

Connect the desk legs on the top with the L brackets. Secure it with the locking nuts and carriage bolts. If the table wobbles, put some wood scraps diagonally from the legs to the table top. Fasten the scrap wood with the screws.

Step 6

Get the small plywood and join the keyboard sliders. Screw them in. Join the sliders on to the desk legs. Hook up the drawer to the height you prefer. Double check the measurements.

Step 7

Stain the wood with a damp rag. Wipe in a circular manner and follow the grain. Put the varnish on after it has dried. Two coats will be enough. Allow it 24 hours to dry. The drying time may vary depending on the varnishing product. Follow the directions for the drying

You can build a computer desk using any kind of saw. But it is best to use an electric saw. Make sure you are wearing goggles and other safety gear when using the cutting tools. Paint or stain in a well ventilated area.