How to Install a Granite Countertop

How to Install a Granite Countertop

If you are going to install a granite countertop, ask the store you bought granite from to make the sink openings. Ask also if they can cut the slabs for you. This can make the installation easier. But you can do the whole thing yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

Putty knife
Epoxy glue
Tape measure
Wetsaw with diamond blade
Several helpers

Step 1

Measure the countertop dimensions. You need a wetsaw to cut the granite. If the granite is half an inch thick or less, a 7 inch blade will be necessary. Never attempt dry cuts on granite. It is very difficult.

Ensure the stone is polished for the countertop. This is a time consuming task, which is why those who install a granite countertop prefer to have the granite pre-cut.

Step 2

Take off the existing countertop, the fixtures and the sink. Screw or glue the sink on the frame. You can remove the glue with a putty knife. Remove the backsplash.

Step 3

Take off any appliances that might obstruct your work. If needed, take out the dishwasher too. Turn the water supply off. Disconnect the plumbing and other electric connections. Once the countertop has been removed, you must put the dishwasher back on before installing the new countertop.

Step 4

Apply epoxy for the granite on the cabinet tops. Have your helper assist you in bringing the countertop in the house. Note: some of these countertops can weigh over 600 lbs.

Step 5

Put the sink in place. Make sure to use the right kind of adhesive. Otherwise, the sink will not stick to the granite underside. Use clamps and a flatbar to keep it secure until the adhesive has dried.

Step 6

Get some adhesive and apply it on the backsplash. Stick this to the wallboard. The last step is to seal it. Sealing can be done with a spray. This spray will be provided by the store you bought the material from.

Tips and Warnings

The sealing has to be done once a year to prevent stains. The nice about granite countertops is they are very strong. They are also heat resistant. Always wear safety gear when cutting the granite with the saw.

As stated earlier, these objects can weigh hundreds of pounds. If you are going to install a granite countertop, have several people ready to help. Make sure they are fit and strong enough to carry the object. Make certain the working area is clear. Check the walking area: there must be no objects someone could trip over.