How to Repair High Heel Shoes

How to Repair High Heel Shoes

The use of high heels dates back to 16th century Paris when Catherine of Medici wore them to make her appear taller. Today, these stylish heels are one of the biggest sellers in the shoe industry. It is so popular that several types of high heels have been made. However, it becomes a huge disappointment when they do get broken. We’ll go over several things you can do on your own to repair high heel shoes before you throw that pair of heels in the trash.

Tools and Materials

You’ll need the following materials to repair high heel shoes. If you’re on the go a tube of strong glue will work as a quick fix. If ever you’re at home when disaster strikes you can just use a shoe adhesive. Take note that if ever gluing or binding both pieces don’t work you can go to professionals to get your high heels fixed.

Steps to Repair High Heel Shoes

Of course it is a fact that not everything you see in the movies is real. That is so true especially when you find a scene where a lady breaks a heel and fixes it on the go using a wad of gum. Do that in real life and your heel will just come right off as soon as you make your first step.

In reality, your best quick fix for high heel shoes is a tube of strong glue. It’s really a huge life saver in case you’re the type who’s always on the go. Of course, you don’t just pick up your heels and glue on the broken part and just walk away. There are some things you should remember when you try to repair high heel shoes.

The first thing you should do to repair high heel shoes is to grab the part that broke off and sit down in a chair somewhere. Calm your nerves because the next part of fixing broken heels is easy enough. Examine the shoe and the heel that has broken off.

There are basically two ways a heel is joined to the rest of the shoe. The first method is to nail the heel onto the shoe and the second one is to simply just use a strong glue to get it attached. Figure out which method is used to attach the broken heel.

If the broken part was nailed to the sole of your shoes then you should coat the nail that was protruding with strong glue. Next, slide the coated nail into the hole where it was previously attached. Hold the heel in place for a few minutes until the glue dries up and binds the heel and the sole.

Now, if the broken part isn’t nailed but glued on here’s what you have to do to repair high heel shoes. Don’t just glue the broken off heel back on. Scrape off the lumps or film of glue from both the broken heel and the sole of your shoe. After that coat both the sole and the heel that was broken off with fresh glue and attach both parts. Hold both of them together until the glue dries and binds both parts.