How to Maintain a Tattoo

How to Maintain a Tattoo

A person who gets a tattoo is practically branded for life. It is a mark that one will be carrying for the rest of their existence. At least, that’s the idea. The truth is that body ink isn’t quite as indelible as it seems, so it is important to know how to maintain a tattoo if one wishes to exhibit their skin art for years to come.

When getting a tattoo, one should always heed the instructions that are given to them by the presiding tattoo artist regarding the preparations to be made for the tattooing session and how to maintain a tattoo afterwards. They are the professionals, so they should have complete knowledge of the trade and what would be best for their clients. If there are any other concerns, do not be afraid to ask them.

An important part of how to maintain a tattoo is how to remove the bandage properly. The bandage should be left on for a period of 3 to 4 hours at the least. One should wash their hands first before removing the bandage. The removal should be done very carefully in order to avoid injury and to allow the tattoo to naturally breathe and dry up. Whatever happens, the tattoo should not be re-bandaged.

Proper care of a tattoo involves cleaning it well. Thoroughly run warm water over the tattoo and hand wash it smoothly using a mild soap. The tattoo should not be scrubbed. To dry, merely pat it using a clean towel. Should the tattoo start to become flaky in the following days, one shouldn’t scrub it but just leave it to peel by itself.

During the tattoo’s first 3 days, anti-bacterial ointment should be applied on it after washing. It is vital that one does not suffer any allergic reaction from the ointment. If any allergies do surface, one should confer with an expert regarding the matter. After the initial 3 days have past, one can use the lotion that has been recommended for the tattoo.

During the tattoo’s healing process, one should expect to experience some itching. One must avoid scratching the tattoo so as not to damage it. If one simply cannot bear the itching, just give the itchy spot a slight slap.

After the tattoo has healed and one decides to expose it outdoors for all the world to see, always remember to apply it with sun block. This is to protect the tattoo from sunburn since prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun could cause it to fade and discolor.

To many, a tattoo is more than just some trendy thing to have. It is an expression of their inner self, a symbol of their identity. It is virtually an extension of their own being, and as such deserves to be as well taken care of as any part of their body. In knowing how to maintain a tattoo, one also maintains the colors of their soul.