How to Build a Bong

How to Build a Bong

Bongs are commonly part of every party. They are intended to add to the fun part of every get together or gathering.

What is a Bong?

A bong is simply a water pipe. It is a simple item that allows you to inhale an amount of concentrated smoke. In any case, smoking through a bong helps conserve the smoking product as well as keep it clean. If you use a smoking product through a bong, the amount of carcinogens decreases. A bong keeps the smoke cooler, cleaner, and smoother.

How to Build a Bong?

Interestingly, how to build a bong can be done using recycled materials. Used water bottle or beer can would work fine in this DIY project. Aside from the bottle or can, you will also need a piece of straw, a glass bowl, and waterproof tape.

To build a bong, the first thing you must do is to punch a hole two inches from the bottom of the bottle or can. The hole must be about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Another hole must be made near the top of the bottle or can. This time, the hole must be small enough to be sealed with one finger.

After punching two holes, it is time to insert the straw from the bottom hole you have made. You can use other plastic tubes but since straws are more common and less expensive, that is your best bet.

At the other end of the tube, the end that is not inserted into the bottle, you must put the glass bowl. The hole on the top of the bottle or can, meanwhile, must be sealed with waterproof tape. Ensure that there is none or very minimal air leakage.

Then, fill your self-made bong with water, up to at least an inch above the straw. Once water is there, you can start lighting up your favorite smoking product at the bowl. While doing so, clear up the hole you have made near the top of the bottle or can.

Interestingly, there are ready-made bongs that you can find at your favorite smoke shops. They do not really cost a fortune so some might think that learning how to build a bong is actually useless. But if you like do-it-yourself projects and you want to have a bong of your own, this is a nice task to get into. Aside from being less expensive, it is also a lot of fun to do.