How to Build a Root Cellar

How to Build a Root Cellar

The root cellar was used in ancient times for keeping food. Although refrigerators have taken their place, many people now want to know how to build a root cellar to keep food fresh. Here’s how you do it.

Required Tools and Materials

Insulation material
Sheet of composite flooring
2 x 4s (must be resistant to rot)
Blast valves
Felt tip marker
3 inch diameter PVC pipe

Step 1

Find the dampest area of your basement. This can vary, but it is usually the part nearest the sump pump. Choose a corner section if possible. This will require little construction and also the maximum amount of coolness.

Step 2

You need a ventilation system that permits cold air to come in. Choose a basement part that has a window. To build a root cellar, you will have to take off the glass in the window. This is necessary so cold air will keep the food fresh.

Step 3

Saw a piece of plywood right for the window dimensions. Saw a couple of holes in the plywood, 3 inches in diameter.

Step 4

Cut a couple of pipes so they can be placed in the holes. Make sure there is space for the pipe to be adjusted. In each pipe, add a blast valve. Set the intake pipes and the exhaust as distant as possible.

Step 5

Use your pen marker to mark the spot where the root cellar will be. Use the 2 x 4s to create the walls. Have the root cellar framed.

Step 6

Apply plastic composite material for the flooring. Put the gypsum board on the exterior and interior. Add insulation; foam or fiberglass will be all right. Ensure this is as airtight as possible.

Step 7

Put some shelving in the cellar. Distribute the shelves so the air can flow easily in-between. Upper shelves will be warm. The coldest will be those on the lower levels. You can organize the items there in many ways. One of the easiest is to have the baskets wired.

Step 8

Cut a piece of plywood and use it as the door. Hang it by the wall studs. It is best to make the door in double sections. This will make it easier to take out items while keeping the air in.

After you build a root cellar, you can start putting stuff in it. Keep the items organized so you are able to find the items easily. Check the components every now and then so everything remains in order.