Windows Repair Software

Windows Repair Software

There are several kinds of Windows repair software available, so how do you decide which ones to get? This is of course a matter of personal choice. However, here are some practical tips and advice.

Hard Disk Scanner and Repair Tool

All your data rests on the hard disk. If it crashes, all the contents will be wiped out. You can prevent data loss by scanning the hard disk regularly. This is included in Windows, but other hard disk scanners can be downloaded and purchased.

These scanners will be able to tell you when bad sectors are appearing on the disk. These programs can also arrange your data so they are not set on the bad sectors. These tools can also fix cross linked files.

Defragging Utilities

Defragging tools are also essential Windows repair software. Files get scattered around the hard disk as you use the computer daily. A defrag tool will arrange the data so the most frequently accessed are easier to retrieve. This makes data retrieval faster. It also means less work for the hard disk.

A defragging tool is included in Windows, but you can also buy similar programs online. Scanning and defragging should be done at least monthly.

Registry Cleaners and Editors

The Windows Registry contains critical information about the operating system and all the pogroms installed. The more programs you install, the more cluttered it will be. This could result in error messages popping up.

A Registry cleaner will remove the clutter. The Registry editor on the other hand, allows you to change the settings in the Registry. This can be useful when tweaking the operating system.

Warning: do not make changes to the Registry unless you know exactly what you are doing. Making a mistake in the Registry could render the operating system inoperable.

DVD and CD Repair Tools

CD drives and discs will get worn out after prolonged use. You can buy utilities that can clean the CD drive and remove the dirt on the drive and laser. There are also utilities that can clean up CDs and DVDs.

Anti-Spyware Programs

Spyware are programs secretly installed in your computer by some websites or CD programs. These programs can slow down your computer. Some can even cause errors to appear in the system. An anti-spyware app will remove them.

If you are looking for Windows repair software, it is best to get all-in-one utilities. They are usually cheaper than buying the products separately. Download anti-spyware updates so it will be able to remove all those programs effectively.