How To Build A Motorcycle Trailer

If you build a motorcycle trailer, you’re going to end up saving money. Not only is it cheaper than buying, but the maintenance is low, so it’ll be able to serve you for a long time.

Required Tools and Materials

Camping trailer
Crow bars
Aluminum diamond plate
Lag bolts (3”)
Decking boards (treated wood)
Trailer lights

Step 1

You can get camping or freight trailer. It doesn’t matter. The only thing you need is the frame so used trailers are perfectly okay. Now you need to determine the length of the boards you’ll be using.

Step 2

Break down the trailer all the way to the metal frame. Slice the sheet metal sides and the top. You also need to take off the interior cabinetry from the deck as you build a motorcycle trailer.

Step 3

Next you need to remove the floor boards. Use the sledgehammer and crowbars for this task. Take out the wiring and tubing. Make sure you also take out the hoses. Throw away all these parts; you won’t be needing them.

Step 4

Cut the deck boards according to the desired lengths. Set the boards on the frame. Fasten them with the lag bolts. You can leave some space between the boards or flush them against each other. Some like to leave spaces so water will go through. It’s up to you.

Step 5

Put the wires in place. Follow the instructions as indicated by your hardware so you can build a motorcycle trailer. Make sure the trailer lights are connected to the back securely. The hooks can be fastened anywhere on the trailer’s perimeter.

Step 6

You can use the trailer now, although some would recommend painting before any work is done. If you painted it earlier, wait for it to dry before starting work. If you paint it now, wait for the trailer to dry before using it.


You can put aluminum diamond plate on the trailer after bolting. This will make the trailer stronger. You can paint the plate any color you want. You can use bolts to fasten it in place.

Another tip for those who want to build a motorcycle trailer is set the frame’s center brace forward by 10 inches. This will give the structure more flexibility, weight distribution wise.

You can make a trailer using only steel components. You just need to replace the deck boards with metal grating. Remember when you buy, all that’s required of the trailer is the frame; you don’t need anything fancy.


Always wear the proper safety gear when you work. This means wearing goggles when cutting wood. It also means wearing a face mask if you decide to paint the trailer. Do not paint the trailer in cramped spaces; you need ventilation so air can move freely. Test the lights before taking it out on the road.

After you build a motorcycle trailer, you can start using it. Just check the wiring and bolts every now and then, and the trailer should work out fine.

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