Tile Removal

Removing tiles on a bathroom floor is necessary if you are going to renovate it. The task is not as complicated as it seems. It doesn’t matter if the tiles are ceramic or plastic; any of the following methods should do the trick.

Required Tools and Materials

Flat-blade screwdriver
Metal putty knife
Safety goggles

Step 1

Remove all the objects on the tiled flooring. These include towel holders, toothbrush holders, soap dishes etc.

Step 2

If there are tiles missing in the existing tiles, start there. Insert the putty knife in the tile and lift it. If no tiles are missing, you have to take off the grout. Get the screwdriver. Push the end by the line of grout. If successful, just keep going this way. Next, place the putty knife under the tiles to remove them.

Step 3

Some like removing tiles with a chisel and a hammer. Grab the chisel on a line of grout. To remove the grout, strike it with the hammer. Repeat the process for the other tiles. This technique is best for taking off stubborn tiles.

Step 4

Take the putty knife and use it to get rid of the tiles. Put the knife edge on the tile edge. Next, tap the knife handle using the
hammer. The tile will eventually let go.

Tile Colors, Types and Size

There are many colors to choose from, although white is still the most popular. Various types are available. Majority prefer porcelain tiles, even if they can be expensive. A less costly alternative are glazed tiles. When buying the tiles, check the size.

Look for those with less than 1/8” difference. Some have disparities greater than ¼”. In terms of the physical dimensions, small tiles are preferable. The reason is they can prevent cracks and leaks. They are also less troublesome to remove.


Read the warranty and return / replacement policy. Many companies will replace the pieces at no cost if the damage is accidental. The regulations will vary per company, so check as many as possible. This can also have an effect on the cost.

The expenses you incur will depend on how much material you are going to buy. Where you buy from will also have an effect on the price. You should check both online and brick and mortar stores.

If you are removing tiles, be careful you do not end up damaging the material below it. This will not be a concern if you plan on replacing them too.

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