How to Build Lego Star Wars

One of the neat and utterly interesting things to do with Lego stuff is to learn how to build Lego Star Wars spaceships. If you’re a true fan of the movie, making your own collection can be something that may add to your own fulfillment.

The steps are quite easy in learning how to build Lego Star Wars spaceships.

First: Start with the Wings.

In building your collection of spaceships, it would be easier if you start with the wings of your spacecraft. For this, it would be best to use the long and flat pieces of Lego. Just connect these parts and check if they are sturdy enough. You can even choose to decorate this part of your spacecraft with different designs and colors.

Second: Work on the Base.

A good and strong base of your spaceship model would then be the next thing to do after you’re done with building the wings. In constructing this, the wide and flat Lego pieces would be perfect.

There are two designs that you can actually do for this project: One is to use a longer base if you wanted to make a Rebel X-wing; and, two, a rounder base would be a better model if you choose to make an Empire Tie Fighter.

Third: Build the Cockpit.

The next step that you must work on is the cockpit. Thin Lego parts would be great for this step. Just be sure that they do not exceed one dot in width for making the compartment. Interlinking other Lego pieces for each level in the construction of this part would be next. Just keep in mind that your model craft should be strong enough not to fall apart or you might have to start all over again.

While working with the cockpit, don’t forget to put a roof with flat Lego pieces. But don’t put it too near the compartment. Remember that there should be room for a certain character of Star Wars to stay in the spaceship.

On top of the roof, you might like to build a rounded appearance to make it look more like the models used in the movie.

Once you’re done, you may put your character that will pilot the ship you have made.

Fourth: Don’t Forget the Canopy.

You may think that you’re already done once you’ve placed your character in the spacecraft, and it fits perfectly. Well, not quite. You still have to add the canopy for the cockpit. Choose those pieces that are clear, most Lego sets have those parts.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to build your own spacecraft and learn the joy (and challenge) of knowing how to build Lego Star Wars spaceships with your own Lego pieces.

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