How to Repair Swimming Pool Leaks

A swimming pool is a very important facility where people can enjoy, have fun and relax. However, it is necessary to maintain it regularly in order for it to function efficiently. Amongst the various problems associated with its use, one of the most common is having leaks. This can be a costly problem, specifically because water is wasted in the process. To help solve this problem, it is good to know how to repair swimming pool leaks.

Materials Needed

For this moderately easy task, you need to prepare only a few important materials. These include a swimming pool epoxy, PermaFlex and a vinyl repair kit. Once you have these things, you can start fixing this kind of problem right away.


Before you can fix the leaks, the water must be drained first from the pool. This way, it is easier to see, access and repair them. Scrape all the loose substrates and then wipe these areas dry. Apply a single coat of PermaFlex right onto each of the damaged areas. This is a very important coat as it helps the patch stick to the concrete surface. Make a thick mixture by combining the thickening activator with the liquid rubber base. Be sure to mix them well.

Apply the mixture right onto rough areas to smoothen them out. Likewise, use it to fill the spaces between profile cracks. In addition, use it to fix the seams as well. After this all-important step, seal the patches by applying an extra two or three more coats of PermaFlex on each of them. Next, seal the damaged parts by putting a significant amount of swimming pool epoxy on them. Paint them with the same color as the pool to make the repaired parts invisible.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

In case you are repairing leaks in a vinyl-lined swimming pool, the very first thing you need to do is to locate the tear that is causing the leak. When the tear is not obvious, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a pool diver from local pool supply companies out there. Buy a vinyl repair kit from any of the nearby hardware stores. You can connect each vinyl patch to the liner with the help of adhesive glue. Simply follow the directions that are written at the back of the repair kit.

When fixing a vinyl-lined pool, there is no need to drain it. For tears that are found underneath the surface of the water, a wet patch kit is necessary to fix the leaks.

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