Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas

The problem of space is universal. Whether you have a small or big house, you will surely have an issue regarding items that continue to pile up everyday. The only difference is that, owners of big houses have very huge allowances – something that apartment dwellers do not enjoy.

Not to worry though because the problem of space can be efficiently answered by storage solutions. Here are storage ideas that will help you keep clutter under control.

* Use the walls extensively. Have from ceiling to floor shelves to have as much storage space as you need. That will maximize the use of space in your walls. You can use such shelves for books, collectibles, and other memorabilia.

* There is magic about mounting that could keep you from having headaches regarding space. Mount as much items on your walls as possible. Make sure though that they will not appear as eyesore. In your garage, for example, you can use the walls to mount rakes and brooms instead of letting them lying on the floor.

* You may DIY plastic bins and turn them into storage wonders. This is a great crafty project that will help you put away things that you don’t want to see laying around.

* If there is a stair in your house with free spaces under, you can easily convert that into a cupboard or a cabinet for storing your items.

* Whichever corner of your house that looks problematic can be organized. Search online for items that are not only storage savvy but also stylish. Remember that in keeping the items you choose to pack away from sight, you must never sacrifice your style still. That is especially since there are wonderful items in the market that could help you through your problem with space. For the kitchen, there are pot racks that you may leave hanging on the ceiling. For the bathroom, you may look out for cabinets or racks that could carry your toiletries and stuff. Shoe cubbies, trays, carts, cabinets, shelves – your choice is endless.

* One good tip when you are keeping clutter in check is eliminating. Let go of items that you no longer need, no matter how much it means to you. If it is of no use to you, you will be better off without it. You can hold a garage sale to let go of the excessive items in your house that serve as junks. It’s like hitting two birds with a stone: you are letting go of clutter and earning serious money from it.