How to Fix Your Hair

Oftentimes, no matter how great your get-up is, if your hairdo looks disastrous or you have damaged hair; it will ruin your look. This is why people, women most especially, go to great pains to fix their hair and take care of it to keep it looking shiny and gorgeous all the time.

There are ways on how to fix your hair that will have you looking like a winner every time you step out of the house.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We have heard it often enough that prevention is better than cure. This is likewise applicable to your hair. Taking care of your hair will do away with hair problems such as dryness, split ends and even head lice!

Regularly washing your hair will not only keep it clean but may well discourage development of dry and frizzy hair as well as split ends. It is advisable that you use a mild shampoo so you won’t subject your hair to harsh ingredients or chemicals.

You may also opt to alternate between using your shampoo and conditioner. To keep your hair shiny and smooth, deep conditioning at least once a week is recommended.

With deep conditioning, you can use your usual hair conditioner and let it sit on your hair for at least ten minutes to allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair shafts.

Regular haircuts are also recommended both for men and women. If you like to keep your hair long, trimming the tips will do just to get rid of split ends.

Work with Your Natural Hair Texture

We all have different hair textures. Some have straight hair while others have wavy or curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you may ask your hair stylist for suggestions on the proper cut for you as well as products that you can use to keep it tame or to enhance its natural look, whichever you prefer.

For straight hair, casual styles include air-dried hair which gives you a kind of easy-go-lucky ‘do. This is ideal for working women who do not have the time to sit in front of the mirror for hours fixing their hair.

You can use a mild hair spray while your hair is still damp, run your fingers through your hair to give it a tousled look and then you’re good to go.

You can also use hair accessories such as fashionable hair clips or hair bands for a little accent. During the summer time, you can make a sort of “messy” up-do by bunching your hair in a knot and then letting a few tendrils loose. This is also ideal for a casual look.

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