How To Build a Greenhouse

Before you build a greenhouse, you need to decide how large it’s going to be. When you’ve got the figures, you’ll be able to procure the necessary materials.

Required Tools and Materials

Steel door hinges
UV resistant film
Batten tape
Box of nails
Wire (heavy duty)
Galvanized steel
Plant racks

Step 1

Greenhouse sizes range from 8 ft to as large as 48 ft. Choose an area in your garden that receives adequate sunlight. Don’t pick a site that gets too much sun; the greenhouse might produce too much heat.

Set down dimensions for the roof, walls and the base. Make a blueprint to serve as a guide. Make sure the plans include the dimensions of the greenhouse components.

Step 2

To build a greenhouse effectively, you need to prepare the foundation. Set the plastic frames on the ground. Nail the plastic frames to the ground. Make some room for the water pipes.

Step 3

For the sidewalls, use the fiberglass, glass or plastic. Cut them to the appropriate length. Link the sidewalls to the base using nails and adhesives. Follow the adhesive instructions so the walls stick.

Step 4

Refer to your blueprint for the roof plans. Cut as many frames as needed. Ensure the measurements are correct before nailing / gluing them to the three walls.

Step 5

Cut the building materials to build a greenhouse entrance frame and the window. Install them on the fourth sidewall. Connect the hinges to the door and window. Fasten them using the nails and adhesives.

Step 6

Apply the UV resistant film over the greenhouse. The UV film should cover the door and window as well. Put the batten tape on and apply the wire as well.

Step 7

Now it’s time to put in the plant racks. How they’re arranged is up to you. Just arrange them so there’s enough room for you to maneuver if you need to make adjustments.

Step 8

After you build a greenhouse, it’s time to add the electrical components and water supplies. Get someone to install these for you if you don’t know how to set them up. Don’t forget to install the disposal system as well.

Tips and Warnings

Consider using a heater if it’s very cold in your region. However, avoid using a heater made of plastic film; it has an adverse effect on plants. If you’re going to use plastic for the frames, they need to be double layered. After making the greenhouse,

check it for any holes. A single opening could affect the temperature and harm the plants. Check it periodically for any damages. Repair immediately if there are any holes.

If your budget permits, consider adding an auto watering system. This can help the plants and make management much easier. Different systems have different installation processes; follow the instructions.

After you build a greenhouse, it’s time to put in the plants. Arrange them as you like and show it off to your friends.

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