Laceration Repair With Skin Glue

Laceration Repair With Skin Glue

Known as a kind of medical adhesive that is used to join wound edges, the skin glue is effective in healing wounds faster. This adhesive is used by medical experts in closing wounds as a substitute for other methods like adhesive tape, skin staples and sutures. This type of adhesive is safe to use for adults and children. The glue is effective in healing minor wounds up to five centimeters long. For larger wounds, the glue is used for closing an incision. If you want to know how does laceration repair with skin glue works, below are the easy steps that you can follow.


The first step in applying skin glue is to clean or irrigate the wound. It is important to remove debris, dirt and dust from the wound. You can ask assistance from medical experts to apply local anesthetic to lessen the pain that you feel before closing the wound. Afterwards, you need to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. As soon as you stop the bleeding, apply traction around the wound then apply the skin glue across the injured skin. Hold the wound until the glue dries out.

Apply another coat of glue on the wound to make sure that it will cover the injured part. After applying several coats of glue, gently move the affected part of your body to test the strength of the skin glue that you applied. To be sure that the wound will not open, you can cover the glue with a bandage.Make sure that you keep the wound dry and clean for several days or until the wound is completely healed.

The Utility of the Glue

This glue is not applicable for wounds in the lips as well as traumas over joints. It is not usually used for closing wounds that have jagged ends, deep injuries, bleeding wounds, infected wounds, puncture wounds, ulcers as well as animal bites. The glue is effective in treating wounds after different medical procedures like laparoscopy, vasectomy, hernia operations as well as benign skin lesions.

Caring for Injuries Treated with the Medical Adhesive

After closing the wound, it is important that you keep the wound dry for five days. If you want to take a bath, cover the wound with bandage and plastic. For instance, the wound gets wet, get cotton and dry the wound gently. Avoid putting creams, lotions and plaster on the wound because it can irritate the wound.