How to Build Arm Muscle

How to Build Arm Muscle

You can build arm muscles in various ways. To maximize development, concentrate on triceps and biceps.

Required Tools and Materials


Step 1

One of the most effective ways is to lift barbells and / or dumbbells. Do incline curls, concentration curls and preacher curls. You can also lift the weights standing, sitting down or lying on your back.

When lifting weights for the first time, you can do two sets with ten repetitions each. As you become more comfortable with the weight, add more sets and repetitions. If you have enrolled in a gym, you can use the weights there.

Step 2

There are other ways to build arm muscles. These include push ups. Lie on the floor and raise your body up slowly. Lower your body but make sure it does not make contact with the ground. Repeat at least ten times. You can also do push downs.

Begin in the push up position. Lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Push your body up and repeat the process. You can do the push ups and push downs one after the other.

Step 3

Get a chair. Put your hands on your hips. Grab the chair. Get yourself off the chair but use your arms only. Set your body lower under the chair level. Carry your body on the chair. Repeat 10 or 12 times every session.

Step 4

You can also do some bicep curls. You can use 5, 10 or 15 lb weights. You can also try lifting water bottles and other heavy objects. When lifting the weights, make sure you are standing straight up. Whatever you are lifting, do it at least 10 times.

Regular Exercise

It is important that you work out on a regular basis. You can work out every other day for at least thirty minutes.

Balanced Diet

You will never develop strong muscles unless you control your diet. You need to cut down on your intake of fatty food and sweets. You should eat plenty of vegetables, and fruits. You should also have protein and carbohydrates in your diet.

Tips and Warnings

Drink plenty of water during your workout routines. It will keep you going. There are also some energy drinks that you can take.

One more thing needs to be said. It will take time to build arm muscles. You need to be consistent to attain the desired results. If you persevere you will see your arm muscles grow. They will also become stronger.