How to Repair a TV

Studying how to repair a TV set isn’t as difficult as it seems. With repair shops charging hefty fees, you will also save money by being aware of how to remedy problems with the TV.

Required Tools and Materials

Magnetic coil
TV owner’s manual
Screwdriver set
New parts (if necessary)

How to Fix Fuzzy and Distorted TV Pictures

Hold the cable on the cable box. Try moving it in a circular manner. If the picture clears up, turn off the TV and tighten the cable connection with the screwdriver. If the picture does not improve, disconnect the cable and put it on again. If it doesn’t work, you need to get a new cable.

How to Remove Color Splotches

These splotches appear because the television is getting magnetized. This can happen if you stick a magnet on the screen. To remove the splotches, get a magnetic coil. Position the coil at the screen’s upper right hand corner.

Move the coil in a circular manner. Keep up the movement until the circles become as large as the TV screen. Back out while creating the circles until magnet contact is lost.

How to Install New Parts

In order to learn how to repair a TV set, putting in new parts may be necessary.

Step 1

Wear protective rubber gloves. Turn the TV set off. Unplug the set from the outlet on the wall.

Step 2

Set the television face down. Make sure the surface is soft so the screen doesn’t get scratched.

Step 3

Unscrew the back of the TV. You will see the speakers, picture tube and other components. Use your manual as a guide for identifying the various components.

Step 4

Get the new component and install it. Follow the guide for installing the part. Put the back of the TV set on. Screw it into place.

Step 5

Plug the TV and turn it on. If the problem persists, turn the TV off and unplug it. Open the back and make some adjustments on the component you installed.

Tips and Warnings

If the TV was damaged by flooding, do not plug it into an electrical outlet. Bring the set to a technician. Do not attempt to fix it unless you know the exact procedure.

When studying how to repair a TV set, make sure you buy only quality spare parts. Whenever possible, get the spare parts where you bought the TV from. Do not buy used parts; they won’t last and are a waste of money.

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