How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

Knowing how to fix a leaking toilet means you don’t have to pay someone to repair it. The truth is you can do the job without any help.

How to Repair a Leaky Toilet Tank

Required Tools and Materials:
– Screwdriver
– Channel lock pliers
– Gasket sealant
– Toilet tank gasket kit
– Sponge

Step 1

Turn off the water supply by shutting off the valve. This is usually on the tank’s left side.

Step 2

Flush the toilet. Hold the valve as you flush so water is removed. Use the sponge to absorb any remaining water.

Step 3

The cold water tube should now be disconnected. Use the channel lock pliers.

Step 4

Take off the bolts on the toilet bowl. Lift the tank and put it aside. Take out the rubber gasket. Get a rag and clean the tank surface and the toilet.

Step 5

Put some gasket sealant on the gasket ends. Remove any excessive sealant. Put the gasket sealant along the gasket.

Step 6

To fix a leaking toilet, put in the new washers on the tank. Ensure they are seated properly. Install the bolts into the washers.

Step 7

Put the tank on the bowl. Fasten the bolts. Secure the nuts. Make sure they are tight.

Step 8

Link up the cold water line to the tank. Use the channel lock pliers to tighten them. Turn on the water.

How to Repair a Leaking Toilet Valve

Required Tools and Materials:

– Paper towels
– Screwdriver
– Slip-joint pliers
– Adjustable wrench

Step 1

Try tightening the nut that fastens the supply hose onto the valve. Grip the valve with the pliers and turn it clockwise with the wrench. Use a paper towel to dry the valve. Check if the leak continues.

Step 2

If it does, use a screwdriver to secure the screw in the middle of the handle.

Step 3

Hold the water line using the slip joint pliers. This will prevent any twists. Use the wrench to squeeze the nut. When tightening the nut, make 1/8 turns. Check if the leak persists. If it does, make another 1/8 turn.

Do not squeeze the nut more than what is necessary. If you do, it might get broken. If the leak will not stop, the valve has to be replaced.

If you are going to fix a leaking toilet, make sure you have plenty of screwdrivers and wrenches. If you’re going to buy a replacement part, make certain that it is an exact match. Bring the component to the store just to be sure.