DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

If you want to build a DIY headboard, you will need the following tools. Some knowledge of carpentry will be necessary.

Required Tools and Materials

Staples and staple gun
Cloth material
Circular or table saw
Wood board

Step 1

Begin by measuring the bed’s width. This wll serve as the headboard width too. Next, decide how high the headboard is going to be.

Step 2

Get the saw and slice a wood piece. Make sure that the dimensions match the ones you have decided upon.

Step 3

Measure and slice the batting to conceal the board’s front. When you build a DIY headboard, it is important to set aside a few inches at the sides. This will permit you to wrap the batting around the board’s rear.

In this example, the batting cut is 8’6" by 5’6". This gives you 3 inches of batting free around the sides of the board. But this will vary also depending on the bed board dimensions.

Step 4

Ensure the cloth dimensions are the same as the batting. Put the cloth on the surface flat. Set the batting on the cloth’s top. Position the cut board in the middle of the cloth/batting. Make sure the batting/cloth goes beyond the board’s sides.

Step 5

Staple the cloth using the staple gun. Make sure you staple at the back of the board. You can keep the wrinkles away by tightening the cloth. This will give the headboard a nice polished look.

Step 6

Arrange the material on the board the same way you would cover a present. This will give the corners a tailored and smooth appearance.

Step 7

The cloth and batting circumference will be linked to the board (due to the stapling). Flip the board over to see the front.

Step 8

You can secure this headboard onto the wall. However, you can also just position the headboard flush against the wall. Now you just have to set the bed in front of the board.

Tips and Warnings

Always wear eye goggles when cutting the wood. This will keep the debris from getting into your eyes. Gloves can also protect your hands. If the saw is too loud, you can wear ear plugs too.

When you build a DIY headboard, always measure twice before cutting. This is true not just for the wood but also for the batting. This is the best way to ensure you get the right board size for your bed.