How to Fix a PSP Analog Stick

How to Fix a PSP Analog Stick

Learning how to fix the PSP analog stick is not a difficult process. This guide will also show you how to properly clean the joystick. This can go a long way to prolonging its life.

Required Tools and Materials

Needle-nose tweezers (optional)
Replacement analog stick
Soft clean cloth
Small Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Use the screwdriver to remove the PSP faceplate. There are five of these screws. One of them will be under the screen on the bottom edge. The other four can be found on the back of the PSP.

Step 2

Remove the top of the joystick. Be certain you pull the plastic piece. Use a bit of pressure when pulling the plastic. After it pops out, you can start cleaning.

Step 3

Get a clean cloth and wipe out any debris and dirt on the exposed section.

Step 4

If you intend to replace the stick, install the new one now. Insert the stick on the plastic nub. Push the stick in firmly. You put the stick in properly once you hear a click.

Step 5

To know how to fix the PSP analog stick, search for the rectangle just to the right of the joystick’s contact. This is small and made of plastic. Take it off using your tweezers. If you don’t have tweezers, pry it off with your fingers. Be careful when you do this so it doesn’t break.

Step 6

Hold the rectangle and search for the four gold squares. Majority of the time, these contacts become dirty. When cleaning, make sure that the cloth is clean.

Step 7

Put the plastic piece back in place. Be certain that the gold contacts are making contact with the PSP contacts.

Step 8

Get another piece of clean cloth. Use it to wipe the PSP contacts. Make sure there is no dirt left.

Step 9

Put the faceplate back in place. Put the screws on. Plug in the PSP. Turn it on and test the joystick.

Tips and Warnings

Fix the joystick in a clean, well lit place. This is important so you don’t lose any of the screws. If you lose the screws, you will not be able to reassemble the PSP.

When studying how to fix the PSP analog stick, make sure to shop for quality replacement parts. Many PSP analog sticks can be purchased in computer shops. You can also find many of these on the Web. Always compare the prices before you buy, and make sure that the stick is new.