Installing Laminate Flooring

 If you are going to install laminate flooring, start by measuring the area. Next, buy in excess of the materials required. In the event you make an error, the extra pieces will come in handy. 


Required Materials and Tools

Shoe molding
Moisture barrier
Rubber mallet
Caulking compound
Miter saw

Preparatory Step

After you buy the flooring, open the package and let it sit for a couple of days. This will give the pieces time to acclimatize to the surroundings. This is very important. If you do not do this, the floor may buckle. 
Step 1
Put the moisture barrier on the sub-floor. Set the material on tight against the wall. Make sure the wrinkles are worked out. Be certain the pieces do not overlap. 
Step 2
As you start setting the boards, put space between the board and the wall. You can do this by using some wood or plastic spacers. 
Step 3
Connect the next board. When you install laminate flooring, ensure the board tongue is not damaged. The boards can be snapped together by utilizing a rubber mallet. 
Step 4
Keep connecting the boards until you get to the row’s end. Use the miter saw and cut the final board.
Step 5
To create the succeeding rows, use the remaining pieces. Begin the next row next to the one you just finished. Repeat the steps you did for the first row. Keep repeating the process until you cover the whole area. 
Step 6
Put the shoe molding to hide the gaps along the wall and the boards. 
Step 7
Get the caulking compound. Use it to fill up any cracks you see. 

Other Information 

When conducting measurements, ensure that the closets and cut out sections are taken into consideration. The extra material you should purchase will depend on budget. 
Usually, 20% more than what is required will be enough. When you are finished installing, keep those extra pieces around. They may be needed in case one of the installed components is damaged. 

Tips and Warnings 

There are laminate floorings with foam set below the boards. This can be a time saving option. Before you install any piece, ensure that the floor is even. If it is not you need to install some leveling compound. Never put laminate flooring on areas that have a drain. 
When you install laminate flooring, check if glue is needed. This is the case with some products. Refer to the instructions on how to set them up properly. 


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