How to Build Cabinets

How to Build Cabinets

Learning how to build your own cabinets can really save you a lot of money. Here’s the procedure to help you build the cabinets that you could use for your kitchen, office, or bathroom.

How to Build Your Own Cabinets

Take the necessary measurements such as the length and height of the cabinets that you desire to make. The standard cabinet has a length of 24 inches and a height of 34.5 inches.

You need to outline the cabinets on a piece of paper including the necessary measurements written down legibly.

To get the wood materials to build your own cabinets, your local lumber shop will provide you the materials you need. The recommended wood material is fused melamine since it does not rot easily and will absolutely lasts longer.

For each cabinet that you want to build, it is ideal to use a wood sheet of 48 inches by 96 inches.

Select the kind of edge banding that you want your cabinets to have. This edge banding will cover the cut sides of your cabinets for a good finish appearance.

Go to your local tool shop to acquire the necessary tools to build your own cabinets such as dado saw, table saw, chop saw, and wall saw.

Always remember to wear safety goggles when you are using the saws for cutting the wood. Put the fused melamine sheet very carefully on the wall saw. To make cutting the wood easier, set the saw blade to cut first the length of your cabinets.

Turn on the saw carefully and cut the wood according to the measurements taken. You need to cut two pieces of similar measurements to fit on one cabinet.

The saw blade must be set at 24 inches and cut the wood with this length. Make two sheets of wood with the measurements of 34.5 inches by 24 inches to build your own cabinets.

Cut out the bottom and top pieces of wood basing on the 24-inch depth of the cabinets and your desired width for the cabinets.

Use the edge banding to band the side that has your desired cabinet length. The 24-inch side must not be banded.

Create a closed dado for your cabinets and then dado the two ends of both sheets of wood.

You need to fasten a staple gun to an air hose and use staples of 1.5 inches in size. Use the staple gun to secure the sides of the cabinets tightly to the top and bottom sides.

Fit in the bottom sheet to the bottom dado of your cabinet and then staple it securely. Do the same process to the left and right sides of the cabinets and then the top piece. Make sure that everything is stapled in securely to avoid any damage in the future.

You can opt to stain the face of your cabinet to have a more appealing finish look.

Helpful Tips

Before you start using the tools to build your own cabinets, ensure that all the blades of the tools are sharp and every piece is tightened into place.