How to Fix Leg Cramps

How to Fix Leg Cramps

Because they can occur anytime and usually very painful, knowing the ways for removing leg cramps is important. The next time you or someone you know gets one, try any of the following methods.

Alternative Method

Locate the point between the bottom center of your nose and your upper lip (i.e., where the two meet up). Pinch this area with your forefinger and thumb. The pressure should be firm and constant, not exceedingly hard.

Remove your fingers when the pain disappears. It’s a form of alternative treatment but those who have tried it get relief in a few minutes or even seconds. The relief time varies per person.

Other Ways of Getting Rid of Cramps

One of the most effective ways of removing leg cramps is to massage it. Gently massage the aching. Use your fingers and apply firm pressure. Next, apply cold compress. After a few minutes, replace it with a heating pad. Alternate these treatments until the pain is gone.

Another method is to stretch the leg. This can cause some pain, but the relief will usually be quick. Try moving your toes and bend the knee slowly. Try to get up. Walk around until the pain dissipates.

When you feel the onset of cramps, get on your feet. Stretch your arms out and press it against a wall. Stomp the leg with the incoming cramps. Try this a few times and then walk it off.

Preventive Measures

Aside from looking for ways for removing leg cramps, preventing it from happening is even better. Stand facing a wall 3 ft distant. The hips, feet and shoulder should face the wall. Put your right foot a few inches ahead of the left.

Put your hands against the wall (elbows bent); lean against the wall. Bend the knee and hold the position for 15 seconds. The heels need to be flat on the floor. Try this on the other foot as well. This exercise can be tried when you have cramps or just as a form of exercise.

Regular exercise will also help. Try running or jogging. By working out your legs will become stronger. Don’t overdo it though; too much exercise can lead to cramps.

Other Methods for Removing Leg Cramps

Potassium, magnesium and calcium will strengthen your legs and make it more resistant to cramps. Look for these elements when you look for multivitamins to take. You should also take plenty of vitamin E. Studies have shown that vitamin E helps improve blood circulation in the body.

If you prefer herbal medicines, try black cohosh roots, bilberry or gingko bilboa. Look for these in herbal / alternative medicine shops.

Another remedy you can try is to take a warm bath. Immersing the cramped leg in warm water may remove the pain. If you keep getting nighttime cramps, you can take quinine pills. Consult your doctor first before taking this medication.

You can try any of these methods for removing leg cramps. If the symptoms persist, visit your doctor; it could be indicative of other problems.