How Long Does It Take to Build Muscle

How Long Does It Take to Build Muscle

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining how long does it take to build muscle. There are many issues involved when determining the speed of one’s muscle growth. Some factors can be controlled while others simply can’t. However, there are adjustments and techniques that can be applied to accelerate muscular growth.


There are several factors to consider when you want to accelerate the rate of growth of your muscles. First off will be your diet, followed by the amount of exercise you engage in, and there are also genetic factors. There are adjustments that can be made in case one doesn’t have the genetic make up to build muscles quickly. The key here is to work on the things you can control and make adjustments for the factors that you can’t.

For instance, you can control your dietary and eating habits. You should monitor the nutrients that you are taking in. The type of nutrients and the diet you’re on can help accelerate muscular growth thus requiring less time. Another thing that you can work on is exercising correctly and regularly to achieve a faster increase in muscle mass. These are some of the important factors to determine how long does it take to build muscles.

Body Type

Another important factor to determine how long does it take to build muscle is your very own body type. As you have probably guessed, some body types will serve people better than others. This is one of the genetic factors that will either speed up or slow down accelerated muscle growth.

Endomorph: You can tell that you have this body type if your body has the following characteristics. First off is that you have a naturally large body frame. Other than that, you also have a round face. Your hips are naturally wide and this is coupled with large bones. People with this body type usually have slow metabolism. Endomorphs gain body fat and weight a lot easier than others.

Mesomorph: The people who have this body type are naturally blessed since they have a naturally muscular body. They have wide shoulders paired with a rather small waist. You can say that their body frame is rather athletic. These people have high metabolic rates and thus burn off fat a lot easier.

Ectomorph: These are the people whom we all regard as skinny types. They have very high metabolism. A characteristic of their body type includes narrow shoulders, waist, and hips. These people have a hard time trying to put on weight.

Understanding all these factors will help you estimate how long does it take to build muscle. Work with your trainer to adjust both your diet and your workout routines according to the factors mentioned above. As always, building muscles will require a lot of dedication and work.