Installing Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors can make your home look more enticing and classy. To make the installation easier, use prefabricated boards.

Required Tools and Materials

Oriented strand board
Measuring tape
Prefinished hardwood floor boards
Glue-dissolving solvent
Pencil or chalk
Red rosin paper
Air compressor
Pliers or pry bar
Standard staple gun
Pneumatic staple gun
Getting the Sub-floor Ready

Step 1

Pull the soft flooring up. Use a pry bar if necessary. Take off the tack bar at the room perimeter.

Step 2

Remove any staples on the floor left by the carpet. You can utilize the pliers for this task. Take care you do not injure yourself when using the pliers. If the carpet is glued, apply glue dissolvers. Clean the floor.

Step 3

Put oriented strand board on the floor (OSB). This is also known as a waferboard. You can also use the plywood, but that is more expensive. You can use the staple gun to put the OSB into place. The object can also be used for other projects related to floors and roofs.

Next, put the red rosin sheets over the oriented strand board. Now you are ready for installing hardwood floors.

Putting the Hardwood Floors in Place

Step 1

Use a chalk to spot the areas where the joists are located. These are beams used for supporting the surface.

Step 2

About 3/8 inch from the baseboard, illustrate a line. Note that hardwood will contract during cold weather and expand during warm days.

Step 3

Start at the longest straight wall. Position the end of the board on the line you drew up. Be certain the planks are perpendicular to the joist on the floor.

Step 4

Nail the board’s end to the joist and sub floor. Use the hammer for this task. The pneumatic stapler cannot be used here.

Step 5

Keep putting the boards down. Be certain the groove ends and the tongue fit. You can use the pneumatic stapler here.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you know the dimensions of the flooring. This is the only way to ensure the hardwood floor will fit in properly. There are different types of hardwood floor types to choose from. The choice is up to you. Pick the one that suits your style.

If you are installing hardwood floors, ensure you follow the instructions for using the tools. Take all the necessary precautions when using the staple gun. Make sure the area is clear and clean. This will keep you from losing nails and other small objects.

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