How to Build a Yurt

How to Build a Yurt

The yurt is where the Mongolian nomads of Central Asia make their home. The following information will show you how to build a yurt and how it is set up.

Required Tools and Materials

Felt (isegei) or canvas
Roof poles
Roof ring/crown (toghona)
Wooden or felt door and frame
Central support poles (bagana)
Roof poles (uni, 20 to 250)
Wooden lattice wall frames (khana, qana, from 4 to 20)

Step 1

Get one of the khana wall frames and determine the dimensions. These are usually 4 to 20 khana.

Step 2

Put in the central support poles. This is only available in big yurts; small yurts do not have them.

Step 3

Put the roof over the supporting poles. This step is not required in some yurts.

Step 4

Now you have to raise the walls up. Expand the wall frames and set them in a circular arrangement. Bind their ends except for the two doorway ends. Usually the khana are secured with 13 strings.

Step 5

Continue to build a yurt by installing the door frame. It should be set at the khana ends. Bind them.

Step 6

Set the roof poles over the lattice. Make sure the slotted end is oriented towards the middle. Fasten them onto the lattice. Put the middle pointing ends over it.

Step 7

Now the roof pole has to be hooked up on the latticed roof ring. The roof pole tensions should be set on the khana and toghona. The tension has to be kept by the khana.

Step 8

Place the canvas or felt layers over the structure. If it gets cold in the area, put in more layers.

Step 9

Grab some ropes and use them to fasten the layers.

Tips and Warnings

The middle of the yurt has to be set loose. This is for ventilation reasons. If the weather isn’t good, you should put felt over it. This is known as an eruke. If you are going into the yurt, do not step on it when you cross.

Other Information about Yurts

The yurt is also known as a ger, but technically they are different. Most yurts utilize wood or yurts. The ger on the other hand, uses felt wool. But these days the two are interchangeable.

Anyone can learn how to build a yurt, but you need to make sure you get the right materials. Don’t forget the part about not stepping on it when passing the threshold. Doing so is considered spiritual desecration.