How to Build a Log Splitter

How to Build a Log Splitter

The log splitters come in various forms and are even commercially sold. But with the right tools you can build a log splitter at home.

Required Tools and Materials

Safety shoes
Leather work gloves
Safety glasses
Lawn tractor or ATV
Large hooks on each end
Drill with 3 inch hole saw
Reciprocating saw
Plastic 55 gallon drum

Step 1

Use the saw to cut the barrel circumference. Throw away half the barrel. Put the other half on the ground, open and down.

Step 2

Drill a hole at the barrel’s top. Drill just off the center about four inches off the barrel’s top edge.

Step 3

Set the chain on the ground. It should be perpendicular to the log 3 ft off the end. Place the log on the chain. Use your feet to roll the log in place. Secure the hook on the chain. Make sure that it holds the wood tightly.

Step 4

You can continue to build a log splitter by running the chain’s other end in the barrel hole. Slide the barrel’s large opening against the log’s end. Now raise the barrel’s other end. Push this below the end of the log. Push it by three inches minimum. Pull the whole chain length throughout the barrel.

Step 5

Connect the chain onto the lawn tractor. Run the tractor. Move the tractor slowly forward to remove the chain slack. Boost the throttle to pull the log in the barrel. Pull this to the desired spot.


This tool is used for cutting large logs into smaller pieces. Log splitters come in many types. Some are homemade and are portable. Others have trailer type hitches. Some of these units can be placed on trucks.

Hydraulic Splitters

A foot or hand operated splitter is useful. But for large chunks of firewood, the hydraulic types are preferable. Some log splitters can be plugged into electric outlets. Other splitters run on gas.

Tips and Warnings

Whether you buy or make a log splitter, use it with caution. Do not use a log splitter unless you know exactly how to run it. If you are buying a commercial splitter, follow the user guide on how to operate it. If you are using a hydraulic splitter, the person setting the log should be the same one using the hydraulic.

Before you use and build a log splitter, make sure you wear the work gloves and safety glasses. Safety shoes are also necessary. Even if you are experienced, always wear these safety gears.