How to Tile a Shower

Understanding how to tile a shower is not as complicated as some may think. Although there are many tile types to choose from, the basic process is the same.

Required Tools and Materials

Grout sealer
Silicone caulk
Damp cloth
Grout floater
Micro cutter
Tile spacers
Ceramic tile mortar

Step 1

Get the carpenter’s level. Use this when you draw a horizontal line to the lowest tile row. Next, make a vertical line. This will serve as a mark for the shower wall center.

Step 2

If needed, mix the mortar with water. However, there are some mortars that are already mixed. When the mortar is ready, grab some with the trowel.

Using the trowel, put mortar on the wall. Be certain there is a bit of space where the tile begins and the floor or tub. This empty space will be filled up with the caulk later.

Step 3

Put just enough mortar to tile in ten minutes. If not, this will dry and must be applied all over again.

Step 4

To learn how to tile a shower, put a tile piece on what will be the bottom row. This will be commencing on the middle line.

Step 5

Put another tile on this row. Start your work and head to the corner areas. To make sure the spacing is even among the tiles, use a spacer.

Step 6

To slice the tiles, use a nipper or micro cutter. The cutters should be used to cut the tiles when you get to the plumbing fixtures or the corners. You can use a pencil to note the cuts.

Step 7

Let the tile dry for 24 hours. After the tiles have dried, take the spacers off.

Step 8

Use the grout float and put grout on the joints. Finish only a small portion of the area. If there is excessive grout, remove it from the tile with a damp cloth. Let the grout set for half an hour.

Step 9

Polish the shower wall with a clean dry cloth.

Step 10

Caulk the corners, shower base and shower fixtures. This will prevent the water from leaking. Make sure to apply enough caulk on the shower.

Step 11

Let the grout set for three days. Put a grout sealer on so it does not get porous. The shower will now be ready to use.

If you are just learning how to tile a shower, take your time. The process will take a while, especially if the shower is large.

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