How to Build a Floating Deck

How to Build a Floating Deck

It requires patience and time to build a floating deck. Even so, the project can be finished if you have the right tools in hand.

Required Tools and Materials

Protective eye goggles
Work gloves
Decking material
Wood glue
Hand drill
Pressure-treated wood planks (2 x 6)
Carpenter’s level
Motorized Screwdrivers

Note: observe safety precautions when utilizing the drill

Step 1

Create the deck frame using the wood planks. Set them about a foot and 4 inches apart. Use the carpenter’s level to ascertain the boards are horizontal. Use the level along the top edge.

Step 2

If a portion of the frame is set on a slope, raise it up with the shims. You can also use soil to fortify it.

Step 3

To build a floating deck, you have to hook up the assembly of the frame to your home. The spot is up to you. Do this before putting the floor joists and planks in place.

Step 4

Set the floor joists into position. Distribute each piece uniformly. Fasten two screws into every joist as you put the planks into place. This will secure the structure. When you position the floor planks, set them in a manner perpendicular to the joists.

Step 5

To make the rails, set the brackets on the deck floor perimeter. The proximity of the vertical supports is up to you. Ideally they should be no more than five inches apart.

Step 6

You will have to manually thread the support pole on the nut. This is set in the middle of the brackets.

Step 7

Position the post on each support pole. Top this with a top bracket. Secure the top bracket. This will ensure the supporting post is anchored properly on the deck.

Step 8

To make the balustrade, use the pencil and tape measure to note spots every five inches by the rails. This is for both the lower and upper rails. This will let you know where to position the balusters.

Step 9

Get the dr8ll and make holes to put the post in place.

Step 10

Insert the posts in the marks you specified. Fasten them with wood glue. After the glue dries, put the balustrade into position.


Do not hurry the porejct. Take your time so you do not make mistakes.

If you are going to build a floating deck, you may need the help of an assistant. This will definably be the case if you are going to use large posts.