How to Tile a Bathroom

How to Tile a Bathroom

By knowing how to tile a bathroom floor, you’ll be able to give it a new and clean look. Improper installation however, will give it an unsightly appearance. You have to follow a specific process to avoid mistakes.

Required Tools and Materials

Water-cooled tile saw
Mortar mix
Ceramic tile
Putty knife
Pry bar
Rubber grout float
Damp rag

Step 1

Take off the commode. Empty the toilet if needed by flushing it. Turn the water valve off. Remove the nuts securing the toilet to the floor.

Step 2

Remove the molding at the flooring and the base wall.

Step 3

Set the tile in the pattern you like. You can utilize a cardboard to arrange the design. This way you will get a center square.

Step 4

Before you tile a bathroom floor, combine the mortar with water. Make just enough to work on a small portion of the tile. Set the mortar on the floor with the trowel’s flat edge. To make even edges, use the notched edge of the trowel.

Step 5

Put the tiles on the floor in the pattern you like. To make the tile stick on the mortar, apply some pressure. Keep the spacing even by using a vinyl spacer in between those tiles. Wait for the mortar to dry before putting on the grout.

Step 6

Put grout on with water and rubber grout float. The float is used to install grout in the space between the tiles. Make sure you are holding the float at an angle of 45 degrees. Wipe off any excess grout. Wait for the grout to dry before wiping it with a sponge.

Step 7

After a few days, put sealer on the tiles. This will solidify the material.

Tips and Warnings

The putty knife is only needed if adhesive is left on the surface after you remove the old flooring. There are quick drying mortars that can make the drying process quicker. Many of these mortars can dry in two hours or less.

However, this means you will have to work rapidly. Make sure that you slice any tiles that have unusual shapes. Do not forget to put a damp rug into the opening where the toilet is.

When you tile a bathroom floor, do not put in more than 6 ft of tile at once. Otherwise the mortar will dry very quickly. When using the grout, do not utilize it flat. If you do, the grout will get scraped out.