How to Build a Windmill

Learning how to build a windmill is challenging, but the rewards are tremendous. By knowing how to make one, you will no longer be dependent on the utility companies.

Required Tools and Materials

Nuts and bolts
PVC plastic sewer pipe
UV resistant paint
Inline diode
Battery bank
Hub tower
Blades, vanes or propellers
DC motor
Used batteries
Sandpaper (#80)
Socket set
Permanent marker
6 inch diameter pulley

Step 1

Apply the UV resistant paint on the PVC pipes. Cut the pipe to form the blades. Make a pattern on the blades with the marker. If the pipe is 4 inches in diameter, the hub blade width has to be 5 ½ inches and the blade width tip should be 3 ½ inches. Other pipe diameters may require different blade and hub width tips.

Step 2

Smooth the blades with the sandpaper. The #80 sandpaper is best suited here.

Step 3

To build a windmill hub, get the pulley and a shaft as big as the diameter of your motor. Use the 12 x 2 x ¼ inch thick steel pieces to join the hub and blades.

Step 4

Quarter a 6”PVC pipe 48 in long on the circumference. Cut this into four equal parts. Connect the pulley on the DC motor shaft. Do this by drilling a hole in the shaft and pulley. Put a 1/8 bolt in it.

Step 5

Get the pulley hub circumference. Divide it by 3. This is the blade distance. Use a 1/3 inch drill bit and drill positions for the steel. Set the holes 3 inches from the outside.

Step 6

Connect a flange on the assembly body. To attach the hub assembly and DC motor to the tower, attach them to a piece of wood. Then you can connect this to the flange. You can also use an ABS pipe so the DC motor fits. If using this method, make sure to cut a couple of inches lengthier than the DC motor.

Step 7

Get a square foot of metal and make the tail. Drill holes in the pipe.

Step 8

Put a pilot vane on the windmill. Put in a controller. This will prevent the batteries from overcharging. Put the controller between the battery bank and windmill. The windmill is now complete and can be used.

You can build a windmill any time, but it is best to do it in dry weather. Rain can delay your work. The project will finish more quickly if you have people helping out.

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