How to Build a Half Pipe

How to Build a Half Pipe

You can never truly master skating until you have tried it on a half pipe. It is easy to learn how to build a half pipe and it can be done by a single individual. But you can enlist the help of your friends.

Required Tools and Materials

Pencil and paper
Fishing line
Tape measure
Drill and a set of bits
Circular saw
1 ½ inch screws
10-foot long PVC pipe
2 x 4 inch stock
8 sheets of ¾ inch plywood

Step 1

Prepare the frame. You will need to have a couple of symmetrical sides. You should make a half pipe that is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. You can use the 2 x 4 blocks for this.

Step 2

Shape the base so there are two sections. Each should measure 4 ft x 8 ft. Set the floor joists’ space so they are 7 and 7/8 ft apart. When you build a half pipe, you should set side horizontal and vertical bracing on the sides. This should measure 3 ft 3 inches high. You will end up with three sections.

Step 3

Get the fishing line and use it to set a curve. This should measure 5 feet, 7 ½ inches. Use the radius line to make the side bracing. Note the support areas. The bottom supports ought to double up the vertical support.

Step 4

Join the cross members with the vertical support. Make sure it is 7 ½ inches apart. Line up the cross members with the plywood seams.

Step 5

Use 3 inch screws to connect the plywood decking. Double the decking for the starting platform and the ramp. Ensure the joists are in place so it can hold up well.

Step 6

Get the 10 ft PVC pipe. Fasten this on the plywood and support system. Place a screw every seven to ten inches. Double check every section. The half pipe is finished.

Tips and Warnings

You can also use a smoother surface so the ride is more comfortable. If you plan on disassembling the unit, make sure you note where the disassembly points are. If the half pipe will be disassembled, you should use screws. They are easier to take off compared to nails. If it rains in the area, put waterproof sheeting on it.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to build a half pipe. What is crucial here is you cut the pieces precisely. Always double check the measurements so you don’t make mistakes.