How to Repair Your Wii

How to Repair Your Wii

One of the latest products launched by Nintendo, the Wii is a seventh generation video game console that competes with Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. The distinct feature of this game console is the Wii Remote, a wireless controller that is very useful in detecting three-dimensional movements in the games. Aside from this, the game console is also popular for the WiiConnect24, a device that can be used receive updates and messages over the Internet. Maintaining the game console properly is very important to avoid causing damages in the parts of the device. However, if there are damages in the system and you want to learn how to repair your Wii, just follow the easy steps detailed below.

Error Codes 52030 and 32002

If you open the device and the error codes 52030 and 32002 appears on the screen, the problem is with the router that you are using. To repair this, you have to change the channel of the router from 1 to 11. If it fails to repair the system, then the next thing to do is to change the security type of your Wii from WEP to WPA. If the second option fails, then you need to shut down the system and wait for several minutes before you restart it.

Error Codes 51130 and 220602

When you open your Wii and the error code 51130 appears, you need to press the retry button until the error code disappears. On the other hand, if the error code 220602 appears, the best thing to do is to move the device near the wireless router. If this method fails, just swap the secondary and primary DNS servers.

Disc Read Problems

If the device cannot read the disc, the solution is to turn off the device and unplug the cord. Wait for several minutes and plug the cord. Turn your Wii on and check if the error appears. If the problem is not resolved, you need to bring the game console to the nearest Nintendo service center.

Error Codes 110210 to 110213

When these error codes appear on the screen, there is a problem with any of the hardware connected to the game console. The codes usually appear when the game console has been updated to 2.0 version. To solve the problem, the game console should be serviced.

Failure to Detect Motion

Another problem commonly experienced by Wii users is the failure of the Wiimote cannot detect movement. To solve this, you have to disassemble the remote and put the sensor in the proper place.