How to Build a Motorcycle

How to Build a Motorcycle

These days it is possible to build a motorcycle and modify it to your heart’s content. You now have options for modifying existing bikes and using bike kits as well.

Modifying Existing Bikes

Step 1

Decide on the engine that will be used. Everything about the motorcycle will be based on the engine you employ. That is why you have to start here. You can find several affordable engines in online sites and classified ads.

Step 2

Now you have to select a frame. This will determine the look of your bike. You can get ideas from choppers and stock motorcycles. You can purchase a new frame or modify the frame from your existing bike. If you are going to build a motorcycle using a secondhand frame, make sure it isn’t rusty and does not have cracks.

Step 3

After you get the frame and engine, you can add other components and accessories. If you have an existing bike, you can use the parts there. You can also purchase new parts, but they will be more expensive. After the bike is complete, you can take it for a ride.

Do-it-Yourself Bike Kits

If you want to customize everything, buy a kit bike. This will allow you to set up a highly customized, high powered bike. If shopping for a bike kit, look for those that are as complete as possible.
They will save you more money down the road.

With a bike kit, you will only need to buy a few extra accessories. These will include baffles for the exhaust, a speedometer and mirrors. Other than that, everything you need will be included in the kit.

Painting the Bike

After you build the bike, you will probably want to paint it. If this is what you will do, it is better if you obtain the paint supply for your motorcycle. If you don’t want to do the paint job, you can have it custom painted. This will cost more money however.

Tips and Warnings

Look online, as there are many sites that sell the motorcycle parts cheap. Just make sure you inspect the parts before you actually buy it. Secondhand components are cheap, but they could end up costing you more money if they are damaged.

Before you learn to build a motorcycle, review the laws in your area. You may need to obtain specific licenses or paperwork to make it legal. The regulations will vary from country to country. Get in touch with the local authorities to be sure.