How to Fix a Scratched Dvd

Whether it’s a gaming DVD or a movie DVD that’s been scratched, there is a way to salvage your discs. A scratched DVD can be pretty frustrating especially if it’s one of your favorites but before you throw it out and leave it for dead, you may want to check out some home remedies that might just save your disc.

With a couple of cleaning materials that you may already have at home, you can try out the steps provided below on how to fix a scratched DVD.

Home Remedies for a Scratched DVD

1. Check the scratch/es. First things first, check the scratches on your DVD and see which direction they run. If the scratches are going with the grain of the disc, meaning they are in circular motion, this may be a bit harder as compared to scratches that go against the grain or those that are going outwards toward the edge of the DVD.

2. Jewelry cleaning cloth. With your jewelry cleaning cloth – one that has a “cleaning” side and a “polishing” side – gently rub on the scratches following the direction by which they go.

With the cleaning side of the cloth, rub on the scratches starting from the inner side and then go outwards towards the rim. Do this for about a minute and then repeat the procedure with the polishing side of the cloth. Try to play your DVD on your gaming console or disc player.

3. Polishing agents. If the above procedure doesn’t do the trick, take your wax polishing agent for furniture and the same cleaning cloth. Spray a small amount on the scratches and then gently rub on the surface with the cloth. Again, start from the inside going out towards the rim.

After about a minute or two, wash off the polish by holding your DVD under cold running water. Shake off excess water and then polish with your cloth. Let the DVD rest for a night and then try to play it the following day.

You may also use a car wax polisher, brass polisher or petroleum jelly.

Note: If the scratches are heavy in that you can see light pass through them, this may be an irreparable damage.

If all else fails, go to your local DVD rental shop and ask if they can repair your disc with their buffing unit. Most disc rental shops have this equipment to repair their discs. You may have to pay a minimal fee but it’s nothing compared to rescuing your scratched DVD.

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