How to Repair an Antique Wall Phone

You can still repair an antique wall phone when it is broken due to some missing parts. There are two ways to do the repairs. One is to use the exact replacement parts and two is to use the modern replacement parts.

Exact Replacement Parts

Finding the exact replacement parts at online vendors and antique dealers is a good idea. The following elements must first be identified before buying the replacement parts to repair an antique wall phone.

1. The exact missing part of the antique wall phone.
2. The dependent parts of the missing part – for example – when a receiver is missing, a cord may also be needed.
3. Identify the manufacturer of the antique wall phone – it is usually written on a decal or metal plate.
4. Identify the antique wall phone model.

You may have some hard time looking for the original parts to replace the missing parts since antique collectors and dealers are always skeptical to disassemble antique phones and retail the individual parts. Disassembling of antique phones could only happen if they are already beyond the possibility to be repaired.

Modern Replacement Parts

Using modern replacement parts is an easier way to repair an antique wall phone since the price is cheaper and there are lots of choices available. You can look for modern replacement parts on various online vendors. Once repaired, an antique wall phone will make a great display piece in your residence.

However, there is an inherent drawback in using modern parts to repair an antique wall phone. The total value of the antique wall phone may lessen compared when it has the exact original parts. But this is really unavoidable and it is better to have an antique wall phone that works than have an unusable one.

Use of modern replacement parts that are made from plastic may have a different appearance than the original parts since they are shaped from a different kind of plastic. A trained eye can really see the difference and oddness of the whole antique wall phone. Using model replacement parts that are made from metal to repair an antique wall phone are much better because they are usually painted black or polished brass.

Repair of the Magneto

Repairing or replacing the magneto is considered to be the hardest part. Enough knowledge and skill is needed to repair an antique wall phone with a damaged magneto. It is best to just look for an antique wall phone specialist in your place to repair the damaged magneto or more harm will be done if you do the repairs yourself.

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