How to Build a Bookshelf

These instructions on how to build a bookshelf can be performed by someone with minimum knowledge of working tools. But make sure you wear safety goggles and working gloves.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood glue

Method 1: Box Shelving

Step 1

Decide how large you want the shelf to be. For this example, you will use a couple of wood pieces measuring 2 ft wide x 4 ft long.

Step 2

Add a couple of end pieces measuring 2 ft square. Glue these together. Next, saw a portion of wood. Join it to the frame using the screws. Fasten the rear so the screws will not be visible. Fasten the screws through the rear into the studs.

Step 3

Now you can put in any designs or ornaments on the shelf. You can use paint, crown molding or stain. This will enhance its looks.

Method 2: Suspended Wall Shelving

Here is another way to build a bookshelf.

Step 1

Start by creating a shallow box. The dimensions are up to you. Glue and screw the pieces together.

Step 2

Secure a board that is small enough to fit in the box. Fasten these into the studs. Make sure that it is at an angle. It doesn’t matter how it looks; it won’t be visible.

Step 3

Slip the box onto the wood connected to the stud. Fasten it from the bottom part.

Step 4

Now you have to countersink the screws. Add some wood putty. Let the putty dry. Pant or stain it.

Step 5

Now you can add some decorations for the bookshelf. You can put some crown molding, routing or dental molding. The routing can be used to give the bookshelf a more ornate look. Or you can paint the bookshelf any color you like. Just remember to let it dry.

Tips and Warnings

Make a detailed sketch of the bookshelf before you build it. Take the sketch when you go to the store. This will help the people determine how many pieces are needed. You can also ask them to cut the lumber for you. This will make it easier for you to get the dimensions right for the shelves.

You can build a bookshelf using any of the methods described here. Or you can make both of them. While there are some figures shown here, you can make the shelves any size you like. You just have to follow the directions. If making large shelves, make sure you have lots of screws and nails around.

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