How to Build Patio Waterfalls

If you want a stream in your garden but with a different look, you can build patio waterfalls. It’s not that complicated a task, and it’s a project you’ll have fun doing anyway.

Required Tools and Materials

Large rocks
Plastic tubing (3 ft)
Fountain pump
Rubbermaid plastic horse trough
Various rocks and plants (for decorations)

Note: the fountain pump is available in home improvement stores. The horse trough can be bought at a feed store. The number of rocks needed depend on the size of the trough; just make sure you have enough to fill the container.

Step 1

The chosen site must have a power source nearby (i.e., outdoor wall outlet). If you’re going to build patio waterfalls that aren’t near one, setting up an extension chord will be necessary. Putting up the waterfall next to a wall is ideal because it can use the support.

Step 2

Get the plastic container. Put it in the spot where you want the water to be. Put rocks in the container. You can use any rocks including those in your garden.

You can use small rocks, but they’ll take longer to pile up. Keep stacking the rocks until they get to the top of the container. This is necessary so the pump will have support.

Step 3

Get the pump and put it in the water. Use the rocks to secure it into place. As you build patio waterfalls, make sure the pump is within reach of the electric outlet. Get the tubing and connect it to the pump. This is where the water will come out of. Get a longer tubing if you want a higher waterfall.

Step 4

Now it’s time to fill the tub with water. Before you turn the pump on, look at the tubing; make certain it’s over the water’s surface. It should also be pointed in the right direction. The water should start flowing now.

Step 5

Now it is time to add the finishing touches. Gather your decorative rocks. After you build patio waterfalls, you can put these rocks over the larger ones you put in earlier. To make the waters flow on the rocks, set these rocks on the tubing.

There are a couple of ways to assemble the rocks so the water goes down consistently. One way is to simply glue the rocks together. You can use epoxy or other forms of adhesive. Another option is to drill holes in the rocks. After drilling holes, you can insert the tubing though them.

Step 6

When the rocks are set the way you want it, get some plants. Place them strategically so the tubing is no longer visible.

Tips and Warnings

Don’t attempt to install or handle the electrical outlet unless you know what you are doing. Never touch any electrical components if your hands are wet. Don’t try to lift very heavy rocks by yourself; cut them with a chisel and mallet or have someone help you lift it.

That’s all you need to do to build patio waterfalls. When you’re finished, sit back and admire your handiwork.

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