How To Repair a Table Lamp

A damaged table lamp doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. The following methods will show simple yet efficient ways for repairing a table lamp.

Fixing a Table Lamp with a Bended Harp

The harp is a common feature among table lamps, and it’s also one that can get bent easily. If that happens, use the following techniques to get it back in shape.

Required Tools and Materials


Step 1

Take out the shade and finial. Hold the harp on both sides. Squeeze and remove it. Carry the harps away from the lamps. Set the harps atop one another on the table.

Step 2

Get the pliers. Use it to set the bent harp back into position. It should end up evenly on the other harp.

you need to be patient when repairing a table lamp with harps. The harp can be quite strong, so anchoring before using pliers may be necessary. If needed, set it in a vice. When it is fastened, flex the other end.


If the harp won’t bend back, you can get rid of the bent harp and give the table lamp new accessories. You’ll probably have to use a new finial too, but it’s a great way to redecorate your lamp. If you still want the old harp, take it to the store and specify you want a similar model.

Techniques for Rewiring Table Lamps

If the light is getting dim, it may need to be rewired. To start repairing a table lamp via rewiring, prepare the following supplies.

Required Tools and Materials

Electrical tape
A light bulb
Wire strippers
Clean piece of cloth
Table lamp rewiring kit

Step 1

Start by dismantling the table lamp on a table. Make sure nothing gets broken in the process. Set all the pieces on a clear table so no parts get lost. Throw away the old wiring.

Step 2

Clean each component with the cloth.

Step 3

Get the wire repair kit and strip the wires with the strippers. Fasten the wire ends in a clockwise manner. Thread the wires through the lamp’s central tube. Fasten the socket at the tube. Get the wires and run them through the base.

Step 4

When you’re repairing a table lamp’s wiring, you need to connect the wires of the kit to the existing electric cord. Get the wires and twist them (it has to be in a clockwise manner). Put electrical tape all over it. This is for additional protection.

Step 5

Get the light bulb. Insert it in the lamp socket. Plug to test it. The lamp should turn on. If it doesn’t, the wiring is probably loose. Go over the wires again.

Tips and Warnings

When fixing the lamp, make sure you pay attention to the polarity. You need to be certain that the right sides are linked to the middle pin and socket correctly.

Oftentimes, repairing a table lamp is all that’s needed to get it working again. If yours is out of shape or not lighting properly, try the methods mentioned above to see if you can get them to work.

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