Fire Pit Screen Replacement

It is by learning how to create fire that prehistoric Man was able to survive his harsh environment. The flames of his crude campfire gave him warmth, light, cooked his food and kept him safe from nocturnal predators. Over the millennia, his close relationship with fire has been hardwired deep into his psyche, such that over the years, people celebrate victories or mourn the passing of a leader around a bonfire. Today, gathering around an outdoor or backyard campfire has become an American pastime—savoring the smell of burning firewood and enjoying the sound of crackling fire in the company of friends and family while singing some tunes over grilled marshmallows and hotdogs. Portable and permanent fire pits and their corresponding spark screens has become an important feature in most American backyards. However, because of their direct exposure to fire and the elements, these safety accessories often rust over and fall apart making it necessary to install a new fire pit screen replacement every so often.

Instead of buying an expensive fire pit screen replacement, you may want to make one that is equally efficient as commercial replacement models in stopping sparks from being blown into the surrounding brush or your patio furniture. For this purpose, you will need a pair of metal shears, metal stakes and metal screen with 1/8th inch meshing that is sold in 36-inch width panels at your local hardware store. Cut the metal screen into lengths that are about 12 to 18 inches wide. The length of the screen depends on the circumference of your fire pit and whether you will cook or just keep warm. Form a wall around the fire pit and hold it in place with the metal stakes. If you are going to cook, cut a small hole on the screen wall so that you will be able to attend your cooking. If you are not covering the fire with a grill, lay a sheet of wire mesh on top of your wall of home-made fire pit screen replacement to stop sparks from flying up in the air.

With a good fire crackling inside your homemade fire pit screen replacement, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy your campfire experience with your family and friends without having to worry that the surrounding brush will accidentally catch fire. Regardless of whether your fire pit screen replacement is homemade or commercially purchased, using one is worth every penny spent because of the peace of mind you’ll get while your fire pit is burning. It is important to remember that even with a fire pit screen, never leave your fire unattended and make sure that the fire is totally extinguished before leaving.

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