How to Build Chest

If you want a container for toys, tools or other stuff, you must know how to build a chest. Even if you have little building experience though, the task should not prove too difficult.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood glue
Combination square
10 2 1/2-inch double-wide corner braces and screws
Six 4-inch strap hinges and screws
Two 1 x 10 boards 4 feet in length
Bit set
One 1 x 8 board 6 feet in length 3/4-inch plywood
Finish sander

Step 1

Make the chest sides by cutting the foot long 1 x 10 board. Cut an end piece so it is 13 ½ inches long and a side that is 34 inches long. Repeat the step to make the other side of the chest.

Step 2

Get the 6-foot 1 x 8 board. Cut it to create two lids that are 34 inches long.

Step 3

To learn how to build a chest’s bottom, use the plywood to cut a shape measuring 32 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches. Note: you can use particle boards instead of plywood.

Step 4

Use the sandpaper to smooth all the edges.

Step 5

Create the lid handles by cutting a diamond pattern in the middle or just cutting a circle. Put them together prior to cutting. This will
guarantee they are aligned correctly and have the same dimensions.

Step 6

Make the chest using the braces. Put the chest bottom on a flat surface. Abut the side parts on it. Fasten in a couple of corner braces for the bottom to side piece. Put another brace over each piece. Use a corner bracket to install the end pieces.

Step 7

Put the two lids you cut on the chest. Make sure the lids are flushed to the bottoms and the sides. Put 3 strap hinges on each lid. Join the lids to the chest. Use the hinges to connect them to the chest sides.

Step 8

If you are going to paint the chest, disassemble the chest first. It is easier to paint that way. If you want, paint the parts before you put them together.

If you are putting some decors with stencils, apply them before putting on the polyurethane. Allow each coat to dry before applying another layer. Use any color you like.

After you learn how to build a chest, you can now put in the toys, tools or any other stuff you like. If you want, you can put wood boards in the chest to act as dividers for the contents.

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