How to Repair a Scratched Disc

The following methods to repair a scratched disc are often used for CDs. However, they should also work with DVDs.

Required Tools and Materials

Eye glass cleaning cloth
Cotton swab
Using Toothpaste to Fix Discs

Step 1

Put some toothpaste on the cotton swab tip. You can also use a cotton ball. However, it is better if you use a swab because cotton balls can disintegrate or loosen. The balls may also put some lint on the disc surface. The cotton swab will give you more control.

Step 2

Dab the toothpaste on the scratched portions of the disc. Make sure you are using only white toothpaste. There should be no additives.

Step 3

Get a clean swab. Wipe the disc from the outside going to the

Step 4

Rinse the disc under running tap water. Keep rinsing until the extra toothpaste has been removed. Use a clean, lint free cloth to clean the disc surface. The cloth used for cleaning eye glasses will be perfect.

Other Ways to Repair a Scratched Disc

If there is dirt on the disc, use a clean dry cloth to wipe it off. If the dirt persists, wash the disc under warm running water. Use your fingers to gently remove the dirt form the surface.

You can also put some alcohol or mild detergent on a cotton swab. Use this to clean the disc. Wipe the disc from the center and proceed outwards. Shake the disc to remove the excess water. Let the disc dry naturally. Do not use a towel.


If the toothpaste method does not work, try waxing. Apply a thin layer of liquid car wax, Vaseline furniture wax or neutral car polish.

You can apply the wax on the disc or on a lint free cloth. Either way, you should wipe the disc with the cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how the wax has to be wiped off.

Tips and Warnings

It is much better to protect CDs and DVDs instead of trying to repair them. Here are some reminders. Never pile CDs on top of one another without the jewel case. Put the discs in their cases after using them. Never expose the discs to extreme cold or heat.

These methods on how to repair a scratched disc are not long term. If you get the disc to run, burn it to a new disc. New blank discs are very cheap, so you should try to get some.

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