How to Fix Power Windows

How to Fix Power Windows

If you want to fix power windows, you’ll need some basic knowledge of electronics. If you don’t have any experience, the following will walk you through the process of analyzing and repairing power windows.

Required Tools and Materials

Test light
Working car battery

Step 1

Stop your car and park it. Leave the ignition switch on if the power windows need it. Keep the window panel setting to “on” (this isn’t available on all cars).

Step 2

If all the windows are malfunctioning, examine the breaker or window fuse. The fuse should be below the dashboard at the driver’s side. Put a new fuse in if the current one has blown. Test the windows.

Step 3

Another way to test and fix power windows is by using a test light. Use the test light to examine the wires at the master control switch. You should also check the wiring at the fuse box. On most cars, the control switch can be removed with a screwdriver.

After clipping the test light at good ground, turn on the ignition. Use the test light’s tip to touch the wires linked to the control switch. If the test light doesn’t work, voltage isn’t getting to the switch. This means the trouble is at the fuse box.

Step 4

To assess the switch on a non operating window, pull the switch with a screwdriver. Clip the test light to ground and touch the electrical connector end points. Do it as you work on the switch.

If there’s no light, search for the opening at the wire from the master switch. When looking for ways to fix power windows, be on the lookout for defective switches. One is defective if the test light appears on only one side.

If both lights appear, proceed to the following step.

Step 5

Take off the door panel. When you get to the window motor electrical connector, touch the wire emanating from the switch (touch with the test light). Do it as you work on the switch. If there’s no light, the wire is short. If there’s light, ensure the connection is reliable.

Step 6

Remove the electrical connector at the power window motor. Put a car battery close to the window you’re working on. To fix power windows, fasten two jumper wires between the motor electrical connector and the battery. Get a new motor if it doesn’t work. If the motor works, fix the connection at the switch side.

Tips and Warnings

Do not handle any electrical components if you don’t feel confident about handling wires. Make sure the car battery and test light are working. This information is a general guide.

Check your car manual for more specific information on how to fix any problems with power windows. Have the car checked regularly by a qualified mechanic to keep major problems from appearing.

Before you attempt to fix power windows, you should take the time to learn about the car’s electric components. This knowledge will be invaluable in case you need to repair them.