Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can take a few simple steps or it might require you to get a contractor depending on how much of your existing bathroom you want to change.

If you want a complete overhaul, you should also be prepared to spend quite an amount of money for it. So before you begin your bathroom remodeling project, the first thing to consider is your budget.

Steps on Remodeling a Bathroom

1. Budget. Depending on what kind of remodeling you want, you can expect to pay just a few hundred dollars or thousands. To help you come up with a workable remodeling budget, see how far you want to go with your remodeling.

2. Complete renovation. If your complete overhaul means moving your plumbing system, installing plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks and tubs to new locations, or tearing down walls; you will definitely need the help of a professional plumber, carpenter and contractor to complete this project for you.

You should also expect to pay more for such a bathroom remodeling undertaking.

3. Surface renovations. Surface renovations are easier to do because you won’t be dealing with plumbing, tearing down and constructing new walls, and other type of construction jobs.

With surface renovations you can change or enhance your sink countertop; re-paint or re-decorate your walls; install new linen closets or racks; change your flooring; get new toilet seat covers, slip rugs and shower curtains; or change your vanity.

Most of these things you can do yourself so you won’t need to hire a contractor and workers to do the remodeling for you. Surface renovations are more affordable than complete renovations which means that you can still get a brand new look for your bathroom without spending a fortune.

4. Adding fixtures. Adding fixtures or replacing old ones with newer models can greatly enhance your bathroom interiors. You can get a new tub, install new rails, replace your old showerhead or install a shower enclosure.

A shower enclosure not only enhances the look of your bathroom but also creates an illusion of having a bigger space in the bathroom. Depending on your shower enclosure, you can have a simple model where you will only be using your existing faucets and shower or you can go the extra mile and have spa features installed as well.

Again, your choice should fit well within your allotted budget for your bathroom remodeling.

5. Adding accents. Adding accents is actually part of your surface renovation. You can replace old closet handles, change the bars that hold your towels, change your faucets to match your new interiors and also throw in new soap dishes to complete the look.