How to Repair a Lawn Mower

The lawn mower is a very important machine used primarily to trim down the lawn. It is equipped with sharp revolving blades, which is commonly used in residential gardens and lawns. Although it is made from highly durable parts, this tool needs proper maintenance and care in order to operate smoothly. If not, damage can set in and affect its overall efficiency. For those who want to restore the optimum performance of this tool, it is good to know how to repair a lawn mower.

Materials Needed

To repair a lawn mower, the basic materials you need include gas, air filter and jumper cables. Additionally, you must also have a new spark plug as well as a wrench. This moderate task is easier to do when these items are available.


The very first thing to do is to determine the cause of the problem. Check the gas tank. In case this is okay, adjust the choke. When the engine is cold, pressing the primer button can actually help. This button is found at the side of the engine, which is made from rubber with a size of a quarter.

Clear the work area. Be sure that it is free from any source of heat or from the presence of any open flame. Protect the floor from cleaning agents, oil or leaking gas by laying down rags in the work area. Locate the position of the spark plug and then check if it is working properly. In case this is damaged, buy a new one.

When worn out or damaged, the spark plug can actually cause the mower to stop working. Remove the old one and install a new one tightly. Put an anti-seize solution to make it easier to remove when necessary.

In case it does not work, try to replace the old fuel. The presence of water in gas is actually bad for the engine. This can happen when the machine is stored outdoors. Although the machine will start, it is eventually stop.

If this is not the problem, go ahead and check the battery. Charge or jump it if necessary using the jumper cables. Extreme temperature changes can affect its performance. Super low temperature can freeze the solution inside the battery.

When the lawn mower starts but produces a regular clanking noise, the blade is possibly the problem. It may be loose or worn out. Buy the appropriate replacement and have the old one changed right away. You may need to tighten up the bolts to eliminate the noise.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Change the oil of the lawn mower, especially after longer periods of use. Aside from this, change the filter as well. It is also best to replace the old gas, especially if the machine is unused for a very long time. Before you start working on this, disconnect the starter first.

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